Despite a relatively small oeuvre, the options available from his career as art print reproductions are substantial. Many individual triptychs and other complex works can be cropped down to individual detailed areas that stand as artworks in their own right.

One interesting aspect to his style was the use of background elements of symbolism and these must be considered when selecting your print to ensure that they are still visible and understood. In some cases, a small print will simply lose such details.

The paintings section of this website features plenty of ideas for what you might choose as an art print, but once you start considering each individual element of his larger pieces, the choice is almost endless. Studying some of these larger works in detail will give you extra ideas.

One might consider Van Eyck's portraits to be most suitable to smaller prints, with detail being clear at that size. Large scale scenes like his Ghent Altarpiece may be lacking any real detail if choosing to feature the entire work.

The Northern Renaissance remains a popular art movement which features a number of highly respected artists and their work generally is frequently reproduced. Van Eyck is just one of a number of famous names to take note of from this group. For example, you may also consider Albrecht Durer prints, or reproductions of Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer or The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch.

The copyright to paintings and frescoes from this period have long since expired, meaning art retailers are free to reproduce their work however they see fit. This ensures a great selection of companies to choose from, as well as meaning that all major works of the artist will be covered in their catalogue.